Pepperell, M.A. - BigSky Solar recently installed 5 Allearth Renewables Solar Trackers for Kimball Fruit Farm. The 36.6kw system consists of 120 panels and will provide clean renewable energy for decades. 

BigSky Solar helped the owners secure a REAP grant through the department of agriculture. This grant took some time but helped save Kimball Fruit Farm a significant amount of money. The owners of Kimball Fruit Farm decided to install the trackers because they needed to preserve as much farmland as possible. Being a working farm they didn't want to eliminate a large portion of the property to a ground mounted system. The trackers were a perfect choice because they only take up 5 square feet of ground space. 

The solar arrays will generate approximately 59,615 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. With the use of the Allearth Renewables Trackers the solar panels will operate up to 40% more efficiently by always being oriented towards the sun.  The clean energy produced by the arrays is equivalent to offsetting approximately 1,222 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year or the emissions from 124,644 gallons of gasoline. Another way to look at it is the array is the equivalent to planting 28,473 trees.


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